StautsNet 0.9.7

Ja Laconica fand ich besser aber egal. Mexdc laeuft jetzt auf jeden Fall mit der neuen Version


Notable changes this version:

– GroupPrivateMessage plugin lets users send private messages
to a group. (Similar to „private groups“ on Yammer.)
– Support for Twitter streaming API in Twitter bridge plugin
– Support for a new Activity Streams-based API using AtomPub, allowing
richer API data. See for details.
– Unified Facebook plugin, replacing previous Facebook application
and Facebook Connect plugin.
– A plugin to send out a daily summary email to network users.
– In-line thumbnails of some attachments (video, images) and oEmbed objects.
– Local copies of remote profiles to let moderators manage OStatus users.
– Upgrade upstream JS, minify everything.
– Allow pushing plugin JS, CSS, and static files to a CDN.
– Configurable nickname rules.
– Better support for URL shortener.
– InProcessCache plugin for additional caching on top of memcached.
– Support for Activity Streams JSON feeds on many streams.
– User-initiated backup and restore of account data in Activity Streams
– Bookmark plugin for making social bookmarking sites,
including backup file import. Supports OStatus.
– SQLProfile plugin to tune SQL queries.

A full changelog is available at